Glam Black Silver Organic Balloon Garland

Dhs. 2,500.00
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Celebrate your special occasion with this glam balloon garland! Featuring artfully arranged silver, white and black balloons sized at 1 meter. Customize garland side or choose to add light-up numbers to complete the decor.

Color options available.

Great for birthdays, anniversary, graduation, corporate events or special occasions.

For further details and/or customization, contact us at or Whatsapp us at +971 56 644 7288.


  • Air filled balloons will last for 3-4 days (indoor) depending on the conditions they are kept in and how they are handled.
  • The quality of balloons will deteriorate in hot / humid conditions; color will change and size will deflate. Balloons also have the tendency to pop in hot and humid weather conditions. Direct sunlight will pop balloons immediately and arch will only last maximum one hour under direct sunlight.
  • 100% Payment required and a minimum of 2 days booking time is required after receiving advance payment.
  • For preparation purposes, access is required to premises at least 2-6 hours in advance, depending on the balloon design. We are not held responsible for any delays in meeting event deadline in case access is not provided in advance.
  • Electric plug is required at premises and space to work in the same area of decoration.
  • Any structure or fixtures that are used for the arch/decoration will be collected after the event is over, and the price is not included. A deposit for this structure/fixture is required, which will be returned after recieving the aforementioned structure/fixture, provided that they are in the same good condition without any damage.
  • If the structure/fixtures are damaged or lost, an extra fee will be charged.