Elegant White Balloon Heart

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Bring the love to your celebration with a sweet heart arrangement! This balloon arrangement features air-inflated heart made out of mini balloons and with a large red bow hanging from the top. 

Great for romantic events, parties, baby shower, weddings or birthdays.


  • Air filled balloons will last for 3-4 days (indoor) and helium balloons will last 8-10 hours, with float times depending on the conditions they are kept in and how they are handled.
  • The quality of balloons will detorierate in hot / humid conditions; color will change and size will deflate. Balloons also have the tendancy to pop in hot weather conditions.
  • 100% Payment required and a minimum of 3 days preperation time is required after recieving advance payment.
  • Access is required to premises one day in advance for preperation purposes. We are not held responsible for any delays in meeting event deadline in case access is not provided in advance.